First face-to-face (kick-off) meeting in Cyprus

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities established that families with disabled people in Italy are discriminated against. It has found that the failure to provide individualised support services to a family of persons with disabilities was discriminatory and violated their rights to family life, to live independently and to an adequate living standard.
The Committee published recently this Decision after examining a complaint submitted by an Italian national.
It is pointed out that “the Italian legal system does not provide any legal protection to family caregivers regarding pension for assistance, indemnity or sickness insurance” and emphasises the need for economic support, better access to housing, attention to maintaining family unity, affordable care services, tax relief, flexible working hours, up to the recognition of the specific status of family caregiver within the pension system.
“This case is a breakthrough because the Committee recognised the violation of a family caregiver’s right to social support, in addition to the rights of persons with disabilities”, said Markus Schefer, the Committee’s rapporteur on communications.


ESSS Survey for professionals in social sciences

Dear participants,

This is a survey run by the ESSS project (Entrepreneurial Skills for Social Sciences), which is funded by Erasmus+. The study refers to professionals in social sciences based in Cyprus, Lithuania, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are requesting you to participate in this research by completing the following questionnaire. This study aims to determine the extent to which professionals in social sciences have the appropriate skills and knowledge around Social Enterprises. The survey outcomes will enable researchers to design training material that can equip professional with necessary skills to set up and/or work for a social enterprise. Your contribution in this study could support this aim by providing valuable information.

The questionnaire requires approximately 15 minutes of your time, it is anonymous and we can assure you that your responses will be treated with extreme confidentiality. Thank you in advance.

Below you can find the questionnaire in three languages: Greek, Lithuanian and Serbian.

Ελληνικά             Lietuviškai              Cрпски


ESSS Research Team


9th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise

The EMES International Research Network, in partnership with Competence Center for Social Intervention Research at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are pleased to announce the 9th EMES International Research Conference on the theme Act locally, change globally: Social enterprises and cooperatives for more resilient economies and societies at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

Please search for more information at the following website: